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    nn00b wants to know if this is a good deal...


    i have an opportunity to pick up a Rotel RB-985 to run with my Marantz SR-8000. i'm using a M&K sub and a pair of Paradigm Monitor 11's.

    can i get some feedback from the experts here on if this is a good combination?

    i'd be paying $370 plus shipping for the Rotel amp. I know it's a few years old. It's a THX amp, and it's got to be more efficent than the SR-8000 to boot.

    can i get some pointers from you? is this worth the money to do?



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    I suppose it's not a bad deal, per se, but I think it is possible to find a newer used Rotel amp close to that asking price. But if you don't need this particular purchase to have great lonngevity, etc., then why not.

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