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    Question Newbie needs advanced amp output help !

    I know very little about amps, pre-amps and the like. If I can perhaps explain what I'd like to do someone could perhaps tell me if I'm in the wrong place or point me in the right direction.

    What I would like to do is from one amp feed (cabled or wireless?) speakers in 5 different rooms with the ability to choose which speaker sets (channels?) are receiving the feed. I would settle for only being able to choose one room at a time but ideally be able to "pick and mix" which rooms the music is playing in.

    This must be possible but I'm not sure where to start looking - I've seen some amps with A, B, A+B switches, but never more than (2x2 channels?) this. Have I just not looked hard enough?

    NB: I don't have a big budget and audio quality isn't an initial concern. I'll worry about sound improvements once I at least have some idea of the options.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kevin.

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    Question here goes...

    Well, when i installed HT systems, we always made sure to get a kinda "higher end" receiver like yamaha, onkyo, HK, denon" because they can handle the low impedance that this set-up or yours is going to have. Most higher models have a spkr A and B selector and will run two sets of front channel spkrs @ the same time with equal power output, so once you have decided on a receiver/amp, then you can pick up a spkr selector switch box from rat shack or about any stereo shop in town, then connect the Main A spkr outputs from the amp/receiver to the main L and R inputs on the spkr selector box, then it will have switches on the front of it for spkrs 1,2,3,4 etc. so there you have taken care of 4 sets or (four rooms). now you can choose another set or room to connect to the B channel on the amp/receiver. Hope this helps, IM me if you need more advice. take care!

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    Audisource has some nice little monoblock amps and regualar two channel amps. The modular ones (monoblock) can be jumpered together. You just keep adding amps. They also sell a preamp if you need one and and equalizers. Here is a link:
    and another:
    You could also do the same thing with a commercial installation using a 70v system. This is what they use in malls, etc, for sound.

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