• 06-09-2004, 01:02 AM
    New Amp Advice : Primare vs Cyrus vs Arcam
    I am currently using Marantz PM4200 Budget Amp.

    I am thinking to upgrade and have USD1,000-1,250 Budget on New Amp. :D

    I prefer Warm, Sweet sound (the current sound is too lean and little harsh when push).

    I have following list, may be u guys can help:

    - Primare I20.
    - Cyrus 8.
    - Roksan Kandy (but not selling in my country-malaysia).
    - Arcam A85.

    Please Please Help Needed.

    Thanks a lot.

    Set-up : Marantz CD4000+Mordaunt-Short 902 + QED Cables.
  • 06-09-2004, 09:13 AM
    Your speaker is pretty sensitive and a realtivey easy load not dipping below 4ohms.

    Why not try a tube amp? The Jolida 302B for example would be more then enough power and the others on your list would only give you roughly a 3-4db gain which is barely audible - even if that since the speaker can only take 100 watts.

    In fact the 302B is prety high power at 50 Watts and retails for $950US http://www.jolida.com/catalogue/jd302b.html

    The Antique Sound Labs AQ1003DT is $49.00 more and comes with a subwoofer out and remote control - is built a bit better and a better warranty. They drove the more difficult CDM 1NT's well so your spekaer should be easier. http://www.divertech.com/antiquesl.html#INTEGRATED