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    Need rec for a preamp

    I have a pair of Magnepan MG 2.5's and a HK Citation 16 power amp. Any recs on a preamp to go with both of these?

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    What is your budget? You can find Adcom preamps on Audiogon for under $200.00 that are remote control and sound decent. The Adcom gfp-750 price stays up around $750.00 but is said to be really good in passive mode. If remote isn't and issue you could search for the matching Citation pre or pick up a used Conrad Johnson, older with no remote would average $500.00, with remote you're looking at over $1k. In fact, I have not listed my CJ preamp but I'd be willing to sell it so I can snag a CT-6 I've been contemplating forever. I don't know of any magic combo with the Citation, your options are wide open unless your amp's input impedance would limit them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basement audiophile
    I have a pair of Magnepan MG 2.5's and a HK Citation 16 power amp. Any recs on a preamp to go with both of these?
    More details? What is you objective for the preamp? Is it to be a simple replacement for a unit of Citation 12 vintage, or are you hoping to eventually upgrade you whole system to new equipment? Obviously budget is a big consideration which you haven't mentioned.

    Presumably you are wanting a stereo, not a multi-channel, preamp? Do you what remote control? Do you need a Tape Monitor circuit or external loop for an equalizer?

    If your willing to look at a tube preamp, older Conrad Johnson models seem to be good values as Mr Peabody suggests. However new models with remote control start to become pretty expensive, even used.

    A fascinating option recently came to my attention. There is an eBay seller in China who provides a number of vintage high-end preamp clones for US$350 - $500 in kit form -- or assembed for an additional $80. Shipping, however, adds a fair amount. If you are a little bit adventurous consider DIY Gene's eBay store. But note ...

    If you have strong scrupples about buying "clones", i.e. copied designs possibly containing patents infringments, etc., you might first read this DiyAudio thread on the issue. Here the majority posters rant about the unethical nature of copying of designs by DIY Gene and others. However the purveyor states that the designs are only "based on" famous designs and he provides schematics with for his equipment so it would be easy to sue him if there were flagrant abuses of current patents. He has been in business for at least three years.
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