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    Need help with amp choice

    I will be using a pair of 85db "8" ohm speakers with a 15" ported woofer. I will be using this bi-amped with a Conrad & Johnson 100 wpc tube amp on top but would also like to run these by themselves on occasion.

    These are my choices so far with a budget of $1500
    *Rotel RB 1090- 380 watts at 8 ohms, 1000 damping factor
    *Parasound HCA 3500- 350 watts at 8 ohms, 1000 damping factor
    *Adcom 5802- 300watts at 8 ohms, could not find damping spec.
    *Krell KSA 150- 150 watts at 8 ohms ( not sure that will be enough power )
    *Bryston?- Not sure I can afford one with enough power
    --------MONO amps-------
    *Adcom 555 series/ mk 2 (2) ran in MONO- 600 watts at 8 ohms
    *Parasound HCA 1500A (2) ran in MONO- 630 watts at 8 ohms, damping is rated at greater than 800 at 8 ohms stereo, not sure about damping factor in MONO.

    All of these amps have headroom specs at 4 ohms, most are between 1.7 and 2.3db's. How will the headroom work with a 8 ohm load?
    Will the damping factor be halfed by 2 when going to 4 ohms loads, then again when ran in mono?
    Is there any amps that stand out as a good value for the money?
    If you have owned any of these amps or brands of amps, please give me your opinion.
    Thanks for your time

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    Hey cj,

    I think that the reduction of resistance between the loads is in your favor here (You knew that). Given your price point that is a good thing.

    I've used Rotel in the past and I think they're a very undervalued choice. They rarely get alot of play in "Audiophile" circles because they are quite common but they do what they're supposed to and a lot of that done right. My RMB-1066 was quick enough, if not nimble, and had loads of power to spare. You could even bridge the channels and I guarantee you'd have no issue with headroom. Ultimately, the amp had a little too much sizzle on the highs, but I tend to like things on the warm side and that wouldn't be an issue with it pulling mostly bass duty.

    All that said, I would probably look for used Krell. Maybe roll the dice abit on ebay and see if you can walk away with some of that famous Krell low end control and tightness.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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    Not to take anything away from Rotel, it isn't going to do what that Krell or Bryston will. The CJ probably won't rock the house but it should push those speaker with 100 watts. My CJ's push my Dynaudio Contour series pretty well. If a 15 can be controlled, it will take the Krell or Bryston to do it.

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    Thanks for your inputs, I just missed a Rotel 1090 for $1150 and was kind of down. I have ran across a pair of Bryston 4B's and hopefully this will work out for me.
    Thanks again!

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