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    Need advise on amps


    Been years since I set up a system and I'm quite overwhelmed by the plethora of equipment! Here is what I am trying to do. I'm a casual listener but a lover of music so when I listen I want it to sound reasonably well. The configuration I am planning is as follows:

    a pair of Bose 201 speakers inside (A),
    a pair Bose 251 outside (B),
    an iPod connected to an amp via a docking station,
    a multi-disk CD player (that can also play MP3 onto burned disks)

    My main question (and the only one for now) is the amp. I think 100-150w per channel is sufficient. I want to concentrate on only well known brands with a good reputation. I am trying to stay in the $300-600 range. Would someone please suggest the 5 or so of the top name brand amplifers or intregrated (FM) amps that I should concentrate on (so I don't get overwhelmed)?

    I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Thank you

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    check out Rotel
    Jeeze... people still use sigs?!

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    thanks, I will.....

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    If you want FM, you are looking for a "receiver", not an amp, unless you want more components. No offense, but Bose isn't exactly going to give you high quality sound, decent, but not to the point you want to spend more than your $300.00. Plus MP3 isn't going to be your best source material. I believe Onkyo and Denon make good 2 channel receivers in that range. I also doubt if you will need as much power as 100 to 150 wpc. Right at $299.00 Onkyo used to have a 100 wpc receiver and 100 wpc of Onkyo should adequately drive any mass market speaker. In some lesser receivers you may need a 100 wpc. Onkyo or Harman Kardon you will be fine with less than 100 wpc. Denon or Marantz may not have the punch of Onkyo or HK but sound clean as receivers go. These are the only brands I'd confidently recommend. There are higher end brands but I think they would be overkill for your application.

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    Wallmon, see my response in the other thread you started on the same subject!
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    this is posted elsewhere...

    see your other thread for my advice...
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