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Thread: Naim pairing

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    Naim pairing

    In the process of trying to put together a system. I've auditioned Naim integrated amp 5i with their matching CD player and a Musical Fidelity x150/xray CD player thru Vandersteen 1C. The sales person recommended not to seperate the "combo", would using the Naim amp with MF CD player a "bad" idea? thanks

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    A lot of salespeople are trying to make sales.

    That said some have a clue as to that which they speak. Still competant makers seem to have a sound in mind - so Naim and MF both if competant would have listened to their amp and cd player combo and wanted some sort of integrity.

    Mixing and matching is hit and miss - unless yuo believe as some that most all SS amps sound the same and all cd players sound the same - but if you believed that you would not be looking to pay this kind of money.

    Naim is not for everyone and for that matter neither is Vandersteen or MF.

    If you love the speakers and have spent a lot of time with other spekaers to decide on them - then all you need to do is listen to an all Naim front end and an all MF front end. Then by all means try a mix and match - Naim amp MF cd player and vice versa.

    If your dealer is honest and relly feels that this is the best "system" he can offer up for a given price range then that's good but you're the one who has to live with it.

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    Naim until recently has used unique connectors to prevent mixing of other brands with their equipment. I personally believe in synergy and have heard best results when keeping in the same brands of cd player to amp or pre to power amp. With that said, if you like the MF cdp going through the Naim then do it. It's you who has to listen and enjoy it. Naim makes great equipment.

    PLEASE, do yourself a favor and listen to other brands of speakers. If you like the Vande's that's fine, like I said before you are the one to please but Vande's have a very unique sound and it's not everyone's cup of tea.

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    i'm open to other choices, they just use the Vandys as a demo since i had a pair of 1Bs before.

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    It is refreshing to read posts from an audiophile who is not intending to make Naimless purchases.....

    My system is totally brand-unmatched and everything is super cool.......

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