NAD S-200 any comments

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  • 02-07-2004, 01:17 PM
    NAD S-200 any comments
    I am looking at possibly acquiring an NAD S-200 amp. I ahve read the reviews here on Audioreview and it got a 4.97 out of 5. Has anyone had any experience with this amp and have their take on this amp. I appreciate your opinions and advice. Thanks
  • 02-18-2004, 07:24 AM
    its a very very good amp. it does what ist supposed to do and more. Very neutral.

  • 04-28-2013, 06:17 AM
    bob r
    WOW! it's great to see someone else has these Amp because i also have a pair of them with the preamp S100

    I use one to power the left channel and one for the right channel with the polk SDA flagships speakers they sound great and will add they will move some things around that are sitting on your coffee table with the amount of sound coming from them

    i still have the 7600 and the 2600 NAD that still sound great and i have them in my garage hooked up for surround sound for movies
  • 05-10-2013, 05:18 AM
    bob r
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    here our the ones i have and i love the way they work
  • 05-12-2013, 08:08 PM
    harley .guy07
    I hear a lot of people talk about NAD and the one thing that seems to come up is that they are reliable and they are affordable or at least most of their stuff is with exception to their reference stuff. I have heard a lot of gear over the years and I have never heard a system with NAD amps in it that I did not care for even though they were not particularly systems to remember either. I would say that depending on the equipment in front of them and what speakers you will be running they might just work fine.
  • 05-13-2013, 05:18 AM
    bob r
    i agree

    My first NAD'S where the 7600 receiver with the 2600 Amp i had them bridged
    It was the first time me and the boy's heard anything like this along with a pair of polks S.D.A Flagships

    We did have some issues with a common ground in witch the polks need so we had to run the 7600 for the Midrange speakers and used the 2600 for the tweeters because the 2600 had gain controls for each channels so that i could turn them down some

    at first we did some testing and would pop a few tweeters time to time but Matt
    and the good people from polkaudio would send me extra tweeters by next day mail

    Then ended up fixing them with the help from me LOL by warping the coil wire with sliver to take the heat. I still have a few extra tweeters but i just don't turn them up to much any longer. back in the day we would sit and turn them up until the red lights on the Amp's would blink we played DBX records i had the 4BX
    and it had one of the first remotes that had a volume control and that was before CD came out or had only just started coming out i still remember buying my first CD it was Jazz and their where not many out