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    My amp turns on and off for no reason?

    Hi, about 2 weeks ago i purchased 2 cvr kickers in a box. I also purchased an 800 watt. kenwood amp. Now everything was hooked properly and came this morning when i would drive and the music was on, it was suddenly turn off. Then it would turn back on when it wanted to. I checked the fuse, power and ground wires and everything is correctly done? What can a problem like this be caused from?

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    Sounds like what you are dealing with is Car Audio. Go to this link

    I suggest you give people more info there. How you have them hooked up with exact model numbers. You may want to get a dedicated car battery to feed your car audio system.

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    No, one Kenwood amp will not draw enough current to warrant 2 batteries. Is your amp mono, bridged to mono or running in stereo? It sounds like it could be going into protection. There could be so many things. Is the amp connected to the battery post? Are you using RCA inputs or high level? What impedance are the Kickers? What is your crossover set at? Have you noticed it happening at any volume or just when you turn it up to a certain point?

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