• 12-30-2005, 12:16 AM
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    My AKAI AA-V435 Audio/Video Receiver INFRARED...bad...
    I think this discussion area might be where I can seek help or at least guidance.

    My AKAI AA-V435's INFRARED went bad after a brownout. The lights dimmed because the power company started messing with a transformer outside my building one evening recently. I turned off the amp and all equipment immediatley and then just left everything off for the night.

    Then I started it up the next morning and it didn't turn on! So I disconnected everything from wall jacks and let the amp sit for a few minutes and the amp turned back on of course reset every station I had set. Whew, I thought I had lost her!

    Anyways, the amp is working fine now EXCEPT the INFRARED! The remote works because it still controls my other components that I programmed. The remote is crucial, its also very rare and I want it to work!

    Anyone have this problem ever? I hope its just a fuse or a battery that burned out. I'm by no means a super audiophile, but I am starting up my setup with this amp and...and...I love this amp :( (tear) And I know, its only the IR but you know...!

    Its a late 80's to early 90's intergrated amplifier I restored, cleaned and lubed. Here are some pics of the actual amp in action: