• 01-18-2008, 01:17 PM
    Marantz SR-19EX Receiver Set Up Help
    I inherited a Marantz SR-19EX Receiver. I have the manual and remote but am totally lost
    on trying to do the setup. I can't seem to make anything work using the manual.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    (I have the sound working with my TV but don't know how to set up the speakers properly and I can't sound from the CD player.
  • 02-01-2008, 09:01 PM
    Mr Peabody
    That is a nice receiver, pretty heavy, huh?

    I can't walk you through the set up without being there. You should hook up the receiver's video out to your TV so you can use the on screen display (OSD). These menus should make it easier. Also, look at the display on the receiver, it should show "CD" when that setting is selected. You should hook the CD player up using analog outputs into the "CD" input or you could use a digital connection but for now that may be more complicated. This receiver features multi-room capability, check the display and make sure this is turned off.

    How many speakers are hooked up? There is amplification for 5 (L/R front, center, L/R surround). If only 2 speakers, make sure the receiver is set for stereo or it may say "2 channel". The display on the front of the receiver has a square with little squares inside it to show which speakers will be used in it's current sound mode.

    To hear 5.1 surround you will have to use a digital audio connection from DVD to receiver. Or, if you have a DVD with built in decoder you could use the multi-channel analog in, which will be necessary for SACD, and can be used for a Blu-ray player's uncompressed audio.

    If you have all 5 speakers hooked up, some place in the set up menu there will be a place to set the volume/level of each speaker. Your receiver will send a test tone, hiss, to each speaker one at a time as you high light it. Try to make the tones as even as possible while sitting in your listening position. Once it's set your main volume control will turn all up at one time as you use the remote or front panel volume for normal listening.

    I think the OSD will help you more than anything. Get that hooked up, go in and see what you can do. Any questions on what something is or does and the manual don't cut it, let us know.