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    Question Marantz PM7000 enough?

    I've currently got a Marantz PM7000 hooked up to my very very old set of Allison Acoustics AL-100's, but I'm looking around for some floorstanders as well. I just came across a great deal for Wharfedale 8.4 Diamond 8 Series.

    My question is whether or not the PM7000 will be able to carry the Wharfedale nicely or will it fall short? Based on specs from here (for the Wharfedale) and here (for the Marantz PM7000), it doesn't really look it... although I would appreciate some feedback on the best course of action from here

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    It should be enough. I do not have personal experience though. I own a pair of 8.4's and I am driving them comfortably with a NAD C350 which is rated at 60 watt/channel. I tried a yamaha and nakamichi 90 plus / ch with the diamonds but they fell short. I guess it is not the spec sheet that matters. It is the high current capability and ability to drive difficult loads which companies like NAD provide.

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    Sounds promising so far... guess I'll have to try to find out. The reviews for the Wharfedale (not to mention the price I'm getting them at) really make it hard to turn down even though they are second hand. I will need to have a very close look at them just in case anyway, just in case they're damaged although I doubt it.

    Any idea what I should look out for?

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