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    Looking to upgrade my receiver

    I'm looking for suggestions on picking up a new (to me) pre-amp and amp, or an integrated receiver. My current setup is a JVC RX-888 powering a pair of Klipsch KG4. After doing some research, I realized that to really hear these speakers I need a something a little better and so started looking for a more dedicated amp and preamp system. I've been checking out craigslist for deals on vintage stuff and just recently passed up a deal on Onkyo Integra Pre-Amp P-304 and Amplifier M-504 for $375 - kinda kicking myself for that one. There are plenty of used Sansui and NAD in my area, but at this point I need to decide whether or not I am looking to get separates or an integrated receiver. I am not concerned about upgrading to a multi-speaker system or adding a subwoofer, as these speakers take up a lot of space and make plenty of terrific sound.

    Please help me pick out a new system. The only limit I have is funds - $700 limit. Thanks!

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    Well, with 700 buckaroos you are probably not going to be able to get decent seperates unless you find both units used and for a really good bargain and even then you are limited to some degree. Perhaps the better route would be a really average receiver and you might be able to swing getting a power amp for your front mains. For example: spend $200-$300 on something like a Pioneer receiver and get a power amp for the remainder, maybe something from Parasound, Outlaw, or similar. The other option might be getting something better in the receiver line, such as a Pioneer Elite model receiver or Denon, Marantz, something similar.

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    You could get a pretty good integrated amp used for 700. Your Klipsh are pretty efficient and dont really need a lot of watts....just quality watts which the JVC does not have
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyBC
    You could get a pretty good integrated amp used for 700. Your Klipsh are pretty efficient and dont really need a lot of watts....just quality watts which the JVC does not have
    can you suggest something more specific?

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    rotel, denon...

    or the used sansuis, sometimes you can get a great deal on vintage gear...
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    What do you think of NAD 317 Stereo Integrated Amplifier and NAD 5000 CD player? I might be able to pick those up for $350.

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    this is what i have

    ive used a few amps, the first one that i liked was a fisher 100wpc studio series which was one of their better models. also the intgra series for the onkyo was totl, the one that im using right now which i love is a sansui au-7700 dam ya gotta love those suis

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    Well you can choose to go from JVC to Yamaha to Marantz to Denon to NAD and Rotel and feel unforfilled, OR!!!
    You can go with a tube integrated for around your price. Would that even a consideration?

    I'll say 20 watts will be more than enough for most. If you dont wanna full with power tubes then how about a hybrid amp?

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    I would second the tube recommendation, especially with Klipsch...

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    down there

    Outlaw, baby (RR2150)

    You may be a candidate for what IMO is the most functionaly efficient, and frankly coolest, piece of budget gear...

    I swear to god I'm gonna get one of these for my computer set-up. Hey, and you'll come in under budget.

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    Hi Dire,

    You might want to look at a second hand Naim Nait 5i integrated. Won TAS editors choice. Robert Harley reckons its one of the audio bargains of the century. New it runs a bit high for your budget at 1,500.00. But I've seen them used on Audiogon for $700-800. Excellent Pace,Rythm and timing (PRaT). Excellent tonal and timber quality. Its limited to only 50watts but 'what a fifty watts!' Look up reviews on this one. It'll suck up your entire budget but will be well worth it.

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