I recently picked up a pair of B&W CM10s on close out (60% off, total steal). Even though it will be part of a 5.1 home theater system, Iím looking to get a stereo amp to get the most out of these speakers for music: streaming, CDs, and hi-res music. My preferred budget is between $1k -1500. Right now Iím considering Rotel RB-1552 or Parasound 2250 or A23. Not sure what else is in my budget or available in my area.

As for sound quality, I would say that I like warm more than bright, and am looking for great detail. Musically, while I love to rock out to Ozzy or AC/DC like the next guy, I especially love acoustic versions of rock songs, piano concertos, old school jazz and the like. Again, I want to get the most out of these speakers.

Do you guys think one or both the Rotel and Parasound would be a good match for the CM10s or is there another brand/model in my budget should I look into.

Thank you.