I'm hoping that this isn't a FAQ - couldn't find it if so.
I have a Krell/Mirage stereo (Krell 2channel pre, Krell channel power amp, Mirage M1s) that I'm delighted with. So, my prime objective is to be able to keep playing my CDs without anything new in the signal path.
Now, I want to hook up a new 5.1 receiver as the front end - the idea is that I take the low-level decoded L+R front signals from the receiver, and feed them into the Krell. That way, the Krell stuff is unimpaired for CDs and LPs, but used as the L+R mains for the home theatre.
The preamps I'm looking at (eg STR-DA1000ES) don't have an explicit 5.1 analog output set, so I'm hoping that I can just take the tape monitor feeds (eg VCR or TAPE IN) and use those. Which raises the key question:
When a 5.1 signal source is selected (eg DVD optical 5.1 in), do the stereo tape monitor feeds just get plain vanilla L+R front channels? Or do they get some funky, remixed, (L+Center+GodKnows, R+Center+GodKnows) feed? Seems like it should obviously be the former, but I can't find any documentation that proves it.
Any experience (or cleverer ideas if I'm doing this the hard way) much appreciated.