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    Lamm L1 relibility problems .....


    I've been told by someone that the L1 was known to cause some problems with its power section.

    Could anyone confirm (or cancel) that thing ?
    In other words, what do you think about Lamm L1 reliability ?


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    There are good sheeps and bad sheeps out there. I have had the following fail on me

    Krell KSA150
    Krell KSA250
    Sphinx PJ18
    Ampzilla 2000 Monoblock

    My friend had these failures

    Jadis JP80
    Conrad Johnson P5's
    Lamm 1.2 Ref

    Of course we killed some normal equipment like a Denon DVD1500, Onkyo 989 and a HKAVR7000 too.....

    all depends on how lucky you are
    Lots of music but not enough time for it all

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