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    Kenwood C1 problem

    Today I got another Kenwood C1 preamplifier for free but it has an issue!

    The preamplifier powers on and when I connect it it starts cutting!

    It is like cutting and then I get sound for 5 seconds and than no sound than some cutting sound again and no sound and on and on mixing.

    I cleaned it very well and still the same thing! Does anyone know what could be wrong with this preamp?

    I don't see anything burned inside.

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    well I guess you now know why it was free.

    Don't know enough to help but an issue like that does not sound like it is something for the DIY department. Since you got it for free you are ahead of the game and could still afford to put some money into to get it fixed. If you have a repair shop in the area that is not too expensive you could give that a shot. Or since you already have one in working order you can save your money and apply it towards the purchase of C2 to pair with your M1 and then move your existing C1 to pair with the KM-209.

    If you end up sending it to the bone yard let me know. My C1 is missing a cover for one of the buttons and I could use one from yours.
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    Don't forget about me guys. We can split it, ok kid?

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    I will see what I can do with it! If I can't fix it I can send you the part you need. Poppa if you need parts too let me know! I will share the wealth!

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