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    I Love My New NAD Amp !

    I got my 320BEE today and it sounds great! If it can sound better after a burn-in
    period that would be incredible. I got it from Saturday Audio in Chicago for $299 plus
    $15 shipping with no tax! Audio Advisor quoted me $399, Sound Seller did not return
    my E-Mail, I am completely satisfied and my Snell Type E-2's never sounded better.

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    NAD on Snell has always been a great pairing. A friend of my ran some big Type A's on a couple of 902's bridged mono - and it was very involving.

    Polk Audio Customer Service

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    I've always liked Saturday Audio Exchange.

    Well, at least since 1998 when I bought my NAD 1600 used and a NAD 214 from their "Show Demos" pages.

    Last year I bought some JBL L-26 Decades from 'em as well. I paid a little more than I would have on Ebay, but they are reputable and really know how to pack stuff for shipment.

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