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    I Bought a Pre-Amp. Synergy requests needed

    I'm finally entering the world of separates. YAHOO!

    I bought a NAD 114 Pre-Amp. I'm thinking of using a Behringer EP1500, EP2500, or finding a used NAD power amp.

    I'm NOT after a grainy high end and seem to enjoy deep powerful, but not boomy, bass, and slightly rolled off highs.

    I'm still searching for a source as this will be a second system. I think I'd like to find a Marantz CD5001 from the intense reading I've done on this and other sites.

    Any thoughts,comments, criticisms, suggestions????
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    I don't have a lot of experience with NAD but it has been my experience for synergy you can't go wrong with the same brand. NAD over the years has gone though some changes so you may want to stick with the same era as your preamp.

    I don't know how they would mix but from your description of taste you may like the Rotel amps.
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