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    hybrid vs all tube ??

    I am very interested in switching to tube components.
    However, primarily because of cost considerations, I might first try the "hybrid" way..
    In order to get most of the benefits of the "tube experience", which component should be tube powered : preamp or amp ?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    The conventional wisdom is putting a tubed pre in your audio chain is the best single place to start.
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    Most like the midrange and warmth of tubes but like to maintain the bass control and punch, so tube pre and SS power.

    Personally, once I started down the path I wasn't satisfied until I had all tube. I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for but I knew when I found it.

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    The earlier the tubes are in the amplification chain the more of the tube sound you will get. If you are using a receiver or preamp that has no phono stage a tube phono preamp will make vinyl sound even better than it already does. Next best for that "tube" sound is a tube preamp. I'm with Mr Peabody. The more tube stages you have the better the sound. Although I use SS for my sub woofers tube power amps are what make my ESL's really sing.
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    Thanks guys for pointing me in the right direction..
    Although my ultimate goal would be to go with tubes for every stage, a tube preamp combined with a solid state power amp might be the most cost efficient way to proceed.

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