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Thread: How to bi-amp?

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    How to bi-amp?

    My receiver only has one pre-out per channel. Do I split this into two then connect to the inputs of the two amps I want to use for each speaker?

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    Assuming your speakers are Bi-ampable, The classic way to Bi-amp is to install an active crossover just after your preamp stage. The active crossover will split the signal into highs and lows. From there, you can use the highs to an amplifier then connect the speaker connections to the high side of your Bi-amp speakers.

    The low freq signal is then sent to the second amplifier and its speaker connections are connected to the low side of your speakers.

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    One big advantage of bi-amping is the ability to use low level or active crossovers but people do bi-amp with the crossovers left in the speakers.

    People that do not use external crossovers might hook a solid state powerhouse amp to the woofer but a more delicate refined amp to the mid/tweet.

    For the second option your guess was correct, an RCA splitter is needed to go from the pre out to the two amp inputs.

    You will find that you need to match levels, not that easy since the drivers will be covering different spectrums. So some way of adjusting the signal to one of the amplifier pair without affecting the other will be needed. Of course I had a friend that ran his woofers probably 6 or more dB hot compared to his mids and loved the result. Its your system, set it so it pleases you..

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    Has anyone ever bi-amped using a a/v reciever with pre-outs and using the receiver's amp as one of the amps and than using a second stand alone amp?

    I was thinking about bi-amping my front, left and center speakers using my Marantz SR8400 and three MA6100 mono-blcoks.

    I'd use the receiver itself to power the high and the 6100 mono-blocs for the lows.

    I've actually done this before, but using the Marantz 4500 and a NAD C270....Nad for the LFs and Marantz for the HFs...I wasn't able to run it long as I didn't keep the NAD, but at the time I remember really liking the setup.

    Pro and cons?

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