first of all. hello everyone. i am new in this forum, also new in the world of the music recording topic.
i've been reading a mini tut with some suggestions and i've concluded that personally i really need a PRE AMP. but what preamp. microphone pre amp? external bypass preamp or what.
i am trying to mount a little studio in my room. to record and masterize own tracks, own music. and seriously it's turning confusing to me now. with all those pre amp things.
and i also dont understand this. peoples says that you can't connect a pre-amp directly to the computer. then how i'm going to record?
mostly like a request it's a way to teach newbies on this world. any suggestions, tips, and references are welcome.
and this is a good pre amp? ULTRAGAIN PRO MIC2200 of BEHRINGER. can it be connected to my computer?