Help! NAD might be dying

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  • 05-16-2005, 11:45 PM
    Help! NAD might be dying
    About a week ago I noticed that it was very hard to get a focused image on my stereo setup. Everything was moved to the right, I thought it was my setup because my right speaker is a lot closer to the wall then my left. I also had just bought new speakers and thought i may have not set them up correctly. The funny thing was that when i first setup the speakers, imaging was great and everything seemed normal. Well it started to really bug me, so i decided to listen to the song using the headphone out with my sennheiser 580s. Same thing, image pulled to the right. I know the cd recording was good, it was Diana krall's "the girl in the other room", but i decided i would try another cd. Patricia barber "Verse". Same thing. So i plugged in my headphones to the headphone out on my cd player bypassing the NAD alltogether. Wow, perfect imaging! no pulling to the right. What happened to my NAD!!! I tried another source, a dvd player hooked up to a differnt imput on the nad and its the same thing, this player was using different cables then the ones for my cd player. So this isnt a cable problem. I cant test the dvd player with headphone out. I made sure the balance knob was center also. Is my NAD dying?

    I have had it for about 3 years i estimate. What should i do?
  • 05-17-2005, 08:51 AM
    I have had a similar problem with two pieces of equipment. The first was a phono preamp that had reduced output and a buzz in one channel and the other was a reduced output in one channel from a cd player. Both problems stemmed from the rca jacks. The phono preamp's ground on the rca had been broken. Probably from all the interconnects I try. It was sent away to be repaired and balance is equal and no buzz. I discovered the cd problem when I opened it to clean the laser. I noticed a screw between the rca jacks and checked it. Sure enough it was loose. I tightened it up and both channels are fine. The casework was part of the ground for the jacks I guess. So you might want to check any screws that might be loose in your amp. I doubt if it would be anything serious. I hope my experiences might help.