• 04-21-2005, 05:25 AM
    Help: How to connect my stuff?
    I have a Yamaha HT5280 5.1 receiver, toshiba sd5109 DVD player, a pair of Paradigm studio 60 and a pair of Paradigm studio 20 and paradigm studio CC. Recently I got Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier, Rotel RCD-961 CD Player and Rotel RB-990 amplifier. As Rotel RB-990 is only a 2 channels amplifier, I want to use it to drive Paradigm studio 60 front speakers. However I still need Yamaha HT5280 to drive other speakers. What's the best way to hook all of them to get both DVD and best CD music playing?

    Question 1: can I hook front speaker line out of Yamaha HT5280 to Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier and then to Rotel RB-990 amplifier?

    Question 2: supposed I can do question 1, which one is better, hooking Rotel RCD-961 CD Player directly to Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier or first to Yamaha HT5280 and to Adcom GFP-565 preamplifier?

  • 04-21-2005, 12:38 PM
    This Guy
    You don't need the pre-amplifier, all of that is done in the Yamaha. Hook the pre-outs for the left and right channels to the Rotel amplifier. Then connect the speakers to that amplifier. All the other speakers should be connected right to the Yamaha. I don't see any real use for the pre-amp.
  • 04-22-2005, 08:02 PM
    Mr Peabody
    That Dude is right, the Adcom piece should not be in the chain UNLESS, it has a feature to pass home theater signals through the preamp like a few brands do, then you may enjoy better 2 channel with the Rotel cdp going into the Adcom. This feature is not likely there, I haven't seen it on any of the Adcom preamps I've seen. You'll have to experiment with your cd player to see if you get better sound using the analog outputs into the Yamaha or using digital into the Yamaha.