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    Help with ''Daniel'' Curcio Tube Preamp

    Hello. New member here. I have ''Daniel'' preamp designed by Joe Curcio. I bought it about six months ago on eBay. The seller told me that it was built by Roy Mottram of Vacuum Tube Audio/Tubes 4 HIFI fame. The amp has performed flawlessly for months however yesterday the outboard power supply got extremely hot and finally blew a fuse. Upon inspection I found the 120/12.6 transformer in the outboard power supply fried. And in the preamp chassis there looks to be one capacitor and four resistors (2 per channel-identical) burned.
    I live near St. Louis and am looking for someone to repair for me. Or if it is just a matter of component replacement I may be able to perform the repair myself with some guidance.
    Any advice out there? It would be greatly appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninetynineblackcats
    I have ''Daniel'' preamp designed by Joe Curcio... am looking for someone to repair for me.
    Welcome to the site. I would suggest contacting Curcio Audio here.


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