I just bought a Pioneer VSX-1015. It's replacing my VSX-D914 (which died).

The VSX-D914 had 7 Speaker terminals and 2 (B) terminals for a total of 9. I had the first seven hooked to my speakers in my home theater room and the B (2) terminals hooked to a Jamo speaker selector to pipe into several different rooms in my house.

Now that I have the 1015, it only has 7. My A/V guy is suggesting I go with an output (such as optical out) on the 1015 and put a seperate receiver (simple 2 channel) to power the Jamo / additional speakers.

My question is, is this the best way to do this?
What suggestions do you have?

I want to stick with the 1015 and don't have much more of a budget left. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.