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    Has anyone heard the new Prima Luna Dialogue? and a question

    I just saw their new DiaLogue lineup on their website. First thing I noticed was that those suckers weigh twice as much as ProLogue series. Specs seem better. Triode/UL option will be nice, but just may tempt me to upgrade my speakers. Most importantly, this could mean that I can buy Prologue2 used for around $800 once Dialogues start circulmating the scene.
    Has anyone heard or seen theitr new lineup?

    Here is another question. I should post another thread but F it.

    Does anyonw know any pre-stage gain on most of integrated amp? ProLogue2 has maximam gain of 37.5db, Do I just subtract their 40watts from that? I dont quite get it. I ask this cuz I was kinda thinking about just getting a power amp and hooking up my source players directly. My CD player has adjustable volume, but my phono pre doesnt so it's not going to matter for me. But if I ever decide to get a phonopre with adjustable volume, I was wondering how much gain I would loss by skipping gain of a preamp stage.

    Thanks Guys

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    hmm, never heard of any of that... and i have no idea about your question...i hope someone will step up with an answer! lol

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    look cool, they've added some features I like/want: Triode/UL mode, remote, lineout.. I wonder when they're out and how much they'll cost.

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