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    Harman Kardon 3480 Noise


    Does anyone have a HK 3480 receiver that doesn't make a 60hz. electrical zzzzzz type sound ? It's most noticeable if you have some sensitive headphones ( I use Sennheiser HD-595) ...... just plug them in and you hear the zzzzzzz sound . I can hear it thru my speakers, but barley .... as they are not so efficent. This sound is loud enough that it's audible in the background of quiet CD passages .

    This is also my second receiver from them that does this, and I'm ready to give up on them. It may be they are just using a cheap power supply . It's too bad because this noise ruins an otherwise good receiver.... and it's the best of the low cost bunch .... at least for my ears. I tried Denons, Yamahas etc. ...... all too bright .... for lack of better term.

    Ayone else have a noisy HK receiver? ..... or am I just having bad luck with them?

    Thanks, Garth

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    I have a 3380 and

    don't have that problem. Could be a ground loop but those receivers are two pronged so that should affect it I wouldn't think. The best thing to do is to contact Tech Support here: and choose your product and then type in your message. They usually respond within 2 days. They have great technical support and even brought my 3.5year old AVR back up to factory specs for free including the shipping and it was out of warranty. You don't get service like that very often. I usually butter them up about how many HKs I have around the house but this one thing bugs me and could you please help me out type of message. Hope that helps.

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    Definitely sounds like a power cable or interconnect problem. Are you using the same cables as with the last receiver?

    I'd start by removing anything that doesn't absolutely need to be connected to the receiver, and then plug things back in until the buz comes back. Try different power connection options too: straight to the wall, using a power stip, or with a power center. And remember to switch the power between each connection - you don't want to do this with the receiver powered on.

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    Thanks for the replies. I contacted HK promptly by phone,which was busy all day, then by email. No reply yet. Their customer service has been good, the problem is actually getting ahold of them.

    I have disconnected everything, and plugged in the headphones( 3 different pair even!) only.... the zzzzz is still there. I tried various outlets around my home also. The units themselves give off quite a electrical buzz by themselves when you're even near them. I sure hope I'm just getting isolated defective units , but after two of them (one new, one refurb) I find it hard to believe it's random , but it is possible .

    I know they'll give me replacement and pay for the s/h, but the time and hassle of it all is non refundable. I'd be more than willing to spend more for another brand, but I have yet to find an stereo(no a/v desired)integrated or receiver(I don't use the tuner) that has a combination of these features:

    -A/B plus A and B speaker switching.

    -A volume control that allows for minute adjustments similar to the HK's .I listen at mostly low/moderate levels...I'm not a head thumper so big volume jumps in a short space on the dial are no good for me.

    -A headphone jack

    -Build qaulity to last a while.I perfer brushed aluminun to black faces for visibility,with black I always need a flashlight to see anything.

    Denon DRA-395(harsh), Yamaha RX-797(harsh) and Sony(dull) all sounded off for my ears and speakers.(H/K the sweetest/smoothest) Rotel's RA-1062 by review has a sensitive volume control, as does the Outlaw RR2150.Cambridge Audio has no A or B, just A or A and B speakers, very odd.
    Marantz has a PM-7001 , but I have no experience with them.
    NAD C720BEE receiver(type of volume control?) ?..... maybe...again no experience with them. Sadly,all of their integrated's are 1 pair of speakers only.Music Hall had a nice looking integrated,the 25.2, but duh, no headphone jack!

    Maybe H/K will come through.... maybe not. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd appreciate the replies.

    Thanks, Garth

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    If you're looking for a good integrated, maybe you could find something a little higher end like a used Audio Refinement or Arcam model? There's been AR units on sale on eBay for around $500 (including the optional remote). AA also sells a German brand called Vincent which is interesting, but I don't know them too well.

    Anyhow, there are many options a bit higher up the performance scale.

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