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    goodwill find, fisher cc3000 troubles

    I went into the goodwill yesturday and $150 I came out with this:

    (all fisher)
    cc3000 control amp
    eq2322 equalizer
    ba6000 power amp
    tr3000 timer
    cr-w973 cassette deck
    fm2421 tuner

    I recognized the ba6000 so i figured I'd take it home and give it a try. Any how, everything is aesthetically in great condition and the only part I'm having trouble with is the cc3000. I am getting a ton of static and random volume dips. I ran the system with the input as cd->eq->ba and cd->ba and it sounded great. It's just kind of a pain to only have one input. I am using a teac pd-800m to run some cds (I know this is okay because it came off my pioneer system).

    Let me know if there is an easy fix or if it is worth having repaired.

    ps-I enjoy quality music but am far from a full blown audiophile.


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    You could try a little Deoxit or contact cleaner on the inside as static is sometimes a sign of a dirty volume pot.
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