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    Getting 7.1 to work

    I have
    and 5.1 setup know.

    Before ordering 2 more speakers, I thought I would test out 7.1 with the current speakers. Optical out from DVD player to reciever is what I am using.

    I selected 7.1 "quick config" on the reciever. I took the current SR speaker wires and hooked them to the SB terminals on the back of the reciever. I did a test tone and SB sound came from both SB speakers. So the connection is good.

    While playing Star Wars Episode II, there are no SB signals playing out of the speakers.

    On the reciever, there is an SB light that shows when SB content is coming through... This is not on, so I believe I have a setting or an input wrong somehwere.

    I am not sure what I need to do to get these working. The manual is on that link if anybody is really bored

    What else can I try?

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    Need to switch the Dolby Digital EX decoder on before you'll get any back surround activity. I believe that the AOTC DVD does not have the encoded flag that automatically activates the EX decoder, so you need to switch it on manually. Otherwise, the default mode in most cases is 5.1.

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