• 01-28-2008, 10:41 AM
    Denon 3802 center channal cutting out, Up Grade Options????
    I love my Denon 3802 but my center channel is cutting out after a minute or 2. I havenít check into getting it looked at yet or repaired. Iím thinking itís time to upgrade anyway.

    I'm concerned about trading up to a newer model Denon. Wouldnít the sound be essentially be the same? Which really isn't a bad thing, so Iím thinking what the point...?

    With the Denon 3808CI / 4308CI Iím heading into a top of line level ďconsumer brandĒ A/V receiver....I wondering what other "high end " brands for top A/V equipment there are?

    Something that would give me all the performance of the Denon but maybe with better sound. A pre-amp with a receiver etc.. I just donít know much about going this route or what to look for, brands etc....

    My set up right now is a HDTV DLP, and RF Series Klipsch, center, fronts, sides, back and sub.

    I want to keep it simple as for hooking it up and set up, seems Denon does a good job at that.

    Price range $1,500 - $2,000.00 for a good set up AV receiver or receiver/pre amp.

    So I'm looking for some direction / suggestions.

  • 01-29-2008, 08:27 AM
    I started with Denon and Klipsch years ago.

    For better sound quality, you need a better receiver ( Brands such as B&K, Rotel, Sunfire). Or a seperate precessor and power amplifier combination ( cost more)

    You can check if the Center channel pre-out of your 3802 is working or not. If it still works, it gives you one option that you can use your 3802 as a precessor, only need to get a 7 channel power amplifier and see if you are satisfied with the improvement. Emotiva has a 7 channel power amp under $500. It has been discussed here it is great value amp.

    High end HT processors with HD support are out of your budget. And HD source is limited. At present, I would give up HD video switching function and spend the money on other components.