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    Denon 2105, Zone 2- Enough power?

    I'm in the process of pre-wiring my house for HT and whole house audio. I'll be using the 2nd zone power amp on a Denon 2105 to push speakers in six other zones around my house. I plan on running the Zone 2 output into a 6 zone speaker selector, then running each of the six outputs to wall-mounted volume controls in each respective zone. Three of the six zones will use two speakers, the other three will use single point speakers. My question is this: Will the 90watts from the zone2 amp be enough to power the rest of the house (let's say 9 different speakers with recommended power amplification of 20w-150w. I have not purchased speakers yet, but all will be cielling mounted except 1 outdoor zone- any speaker suggestions?). It seems to me that if I split the zone 2 amp's power six times, I'll be taxing the amp. Would it be wise to send the zone 2 signal to an external amp prior to going into the speaker selector? I can get my hands on either 2 used Marantz MA6100 125w monoblocks (one for L, one for R) or a used Marantz SM6100 (50w x2) if needed. Thanks for any advice on speaker selection or zone 2 power issue.

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    It will give you background music. If you want it for actual listening than you will want to use that second power amp.

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