• 06-25-2007, 11:55 AM
    confuzzled ! MF E20/E30 pre/power
    Hello people,
    I have just won on the infamous Ebay the above mentioned pre/power set up.
    My intention is to use the power and bi-amp with the other Mf offering I have the X-a200r using it as a volume and to drive the tweeters. I run a pair of AE II signatures (dedicated stands) with a Marantz cd7 as the source all fed to each other through various Russ Andrews connects and cables. What are the thoughts in the room ?
    My warmest regards
  • 06-30-2007, 10:34 PM
    AE Signatures - nice speakers. I also have an affinity for Musical Fidelity gear, which offers excellent value for money unlike many other manufacturers.
    Is the X-A200R an integrated with volume control? Its important to be able to acheive a similar DB output level of both amps in bi-amping. Even a slight increase in volume between both can destroy a neutral balance. Given they are both MF amps they will probably have similar impedance, gain, and sonic characteristics. If one of the amps has volume control then it should work well, but you should check the specifications of each amp...

    Hope it works out well.