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    Cluasse CA-200 ?

    I found a Cluasse CA-200 amp for sale for$1000.00 is that a good amp for that money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmax1
    I found a Classe CA-200 amp on sale for $1000.00. Is that a good amp for the money?
    You're yanking our chain right ? Take a look at the majority of the reviews. CA-200s usually go for about $1,200 - $1,300 on Audiogon. I suggest you run, don't walk and get that amp before someone else beats you to it.

    CA-200 reviews:
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    First not to be a devil's advocate but it really is system dependant. Bryston makes great amps -- but they are not great or even good with some speakers...I think they're a bad match for my Audio ntoe speakers and pretty good with my Wharfedales -- I know one person who has been pleased with Bryston and AN speakers.

    Classe and anyone else can have the greatest reviews but whether you're going to LIKE ti any better than something 1/3 the price is unknown,

    It's certainly well built and has power -- whether it's going to sound good or be worth the money in your system who knows. i would not spend excessive amounts on Solid State amplifiers - Many sound no better than their lower models but are there to drive super hard to drive speakers(not louder or better necessarily). Take YBA - Yves separates sound no better than their Integrated amps -- but if you hard to drive speakers then you NEED the separates to get the same level of Sound. So buy easier to drive speakers and a top notch integrated -- if you have hard to drive speakers you're forced to get the separates.

    Classe makes good amps of course but hear a SYSTEM.

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