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    Choosing : NAD-C352 or DENON-PMA1500AE

    Good evening

    Iím planning to buy an amp + CD player.
    Iím hesitating between these two combinations:

    NAD-C352 + NAD-C542

    Have any one of you experienced those combinations?

    Thanks for help and suggestions.

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    I've been using the NAD C352 Integrated Amp + NAD C521BEE CD Player combined with a pair of Mission Volare 63 Floorstanders for almost 2 years now.... I think the NAD combo you're considering is an amazing value for money.... Detail, Clarity and Power are all to my liking.... Yes I've heard better, but better costed a lot more than what I paid for this set-up....

    I think, as most people will probably tell you, you need to listen to both the NAD and the Denon setups and decide for yourself...... I can't comment on the Denon's as I have never heard them....

    One word of warning though about the NAD C352.... In order to produce good sound at a low price, I believe that NAD cut corners which can be seriously frustrating to some buyers..... so the 352 has two problems 1) It looks/ feels cheap 2) The Volume control on the Remote is absolute garbage, it skips too many levels: so one press can go from low volume to way too high..... But if neither the look nor the remote are of major concern to you, then the NAD has a lot to offer.....

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