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    Cd Player

    I am from India - Calcutta.
    I have purchased an hiend Indian tube amplifier CADENCE va-1 model - 36 wattsRMS.It is a wonderful equipment(
    I would like to buy now my CD player. Should I buy Marantz 5400( which is nearly half the cost in India) or Jolida 100a tube based cd player.Does the cost difference makes sence? If I get a really better quality of sound by purchasing Jolida I would not mind purchasing it!!!
    Please advice.
    Warm regards.
    Saradindu bose

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    I haven't heard either of those units. An email pal of mine has that Jolida and he upgraded the tubes to a better tube and he says it really made a big difference. He thought it was pretty good the way it was but worth the money to upgrade to a better tube. I've heard a couple Marantz and they are pretty good for mass market gear but not what I'd consider a high end player. If you have Arcam in India they are one of the best performing units for the money I have found.

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    cd player

    Thanks for the reply. Arcam was available with the dealer from whom I have purchased my tube Amplifier. - I will find out if he is still dealing with it.

    Saradindu Bose

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    This particular Marantz cd player has a noisy transport and from the online reviews, seems pretty unreliable. I tried a refurb unit a while back and it was dead on arrival. It probably won't sound as nice as the Jolida either.

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