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    Cayin TA-30 - The Good and the BAD

    I've heard nothing but good stuff about this amp.

    But for the money, can you do much better? Is there anything that is "bad" about it?

    It's nice to hear positive things about products, but knowing the negative stuff about them (and I believe all products have negative things about them, just that some aspects of them are less important to some customers than other customers) allows people to better choose their purchases.

    This will be used with Martin Logan Requests that are 4 ohms nominal (down to 1.2 ohms @ 20 Khz) and have a sensititvity of 90dB/2.83 volts/meter.

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    I think it's a wise choice. For the money, you could do a whole lot worse. Go for it!
    ~ Jim Tidwell ~

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