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    Can I do this...???

    I'm building a house and want a surround sound system for movies but actually prefer to listen to 2 channel music most of the time. I currently own an Adcom 5500 amp and am going to add the surround sound. Can I purchase the B & K 507 (150 watt amp/processor combo.) and use it in conjunction with my Adcom 5500? I'm going to get some of the new Klipsch RF 83s or the Def. Tech. 7000s and have heard that the 507 is a bit week to drive the Klipsch speakers. The Def. Techs have 1800 watts built into them. Can the Adcom be used with the B & K and will it help with the power? Otherwise I guess I need to get separates - B $ K 200.7 with the ref. 50....just didn't want that extra cost if the Adcom will work.

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    You can use your 5500. You would run it off the main preamp outs to the 5500 to drive your front speakers. If the B&K can't drive Klipsch it has serious problems, Klipsch being one of the most efficient speakers on the market is in turn one of the easiest to drive.

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