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    Broken Bryston 3B NRB?

    I found an attractively priced Bryston 3B NRB and I had the seller over at my place. He was selling the amp for a sick relative, so he didn't know the gear himself.

    He suggested that I try it out to make sure it worked. I plugged it in and connected it up to my Adcom GFP-555 preamp. There are two widely spaced LEDs on the front of the Bryston. One of them (the left one) turned on and the other did not.

    Only the left channel was functioning. Is there any user error that could have resulted in this behaviour or is the left channel probably broken?

    The input path to the amp is all functional. I am using the same preamp with my current amp right now.

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    Might be a short in the speaker wire or a strand of wire touching the chassis, if not then buy it dirt cheap since it's "broken" then send it out to Bryton for repair. There should be some of that 20 year warranty left.
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    The guy who was selling told me he was going to take it to the dealer and have them take a look at it. He was supposed to get back to me.

    I didn't hear back, so I asked. I found out that some other guy got it for $300.

    That's a pretty sweet deal I think.

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