• 11-13-2004, 06:06 PM
    rocknroll 81
    B&K 200.7amp vs.CROWN MT1200
    Hi, Would like to know if anybody out there has done a side by side test of these two amps.I have the crown mt1200 and jbl s312 and s38 speakers. I like the sound of the crown,but getting a little tired of the speakers going pop when turning the amp off.I would have to go to the crown ma1202 or the ma602 to get away from the pop.I heard the B&K amp sounds warm like a tube amp.I am having a hard time to find a place to let me bring a amp home to try.I already have the ref 50 and it sounds real good.Thanks for any input.
  • 11-15-2004, 04:55 PM
    if you like the crown sound go with the crown k2.... it's amazing thats really the only way to describe it.
  • 11-20-2004, 02:37 AM
    rocknroll 81
    thanks pelly3s. i have been talking to crown for the last two years or so,and they have been telling me to go with the k series amp.i was shy about it because of the sleep mode.they have fixed that and i think i am going to go for it.i might get the k1 just because i will not need 500wpc.i realize that more headroom is better,i think that 350wpc should be enough.