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    audio research dual 75a

    Anyone knows anything about this amp.

    I got offered at $400 is that a good deal for a 30+ years old amp?

    I haven't see the acutral thing yet but from the photo they look ok.

    I did a search not much is comming up, how realiable are thoese vitage tube amp?

    Thanks all


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    They were $1000 when new in the mid 70's. ARC has never made a bad product. They service and support everything they have ever made. You might want to contact ARC about any updates or refurbishing. Their tube amps are considered to be better than their SS amps.
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    audio reserch dual 75a

    Thanks Joe,

    I stopped by today to check the amp out. I would give it 5/10 for it physical condition, there are quite a few scratches and nicks here and there but for a 31years old amp I think it did quite well. However,I was disappointed with the sound, the owner sold the preamp so he has the amp connected with a ipot and it didn't sound good at all, the sound is flat and dull, it sounded not thing like my old VTL 150 mono blocks I sold few years back. I few i need to give the amp a second chance, the owner mentioned I can put a depoist down and take the amp so i can set it up in my system. If I like it I keep it and pay the remaining fee or I can return to him for the full refund of the depoist. We'll see how this goes.


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