• 11-14-2008, 11:20 PM
    Amplifier/Turntable Combo help
    Howdy forum-- New user here, though I think I was around several years ago in purchasing a home theater audio system. Well basically, I'm looking to upgrade my current turntable playback system which is an old solidstate, hideaway magnavox system that has some issues with the left channel. Its next to impossible trying to find someone to come fix it, so basically, I'm looking for a sweet sounding, low profile setup to play records (and perhaps CDs, but primarily records)

    As a musician, I've become quite fond of and can appreciate the quality of vacuum tube amplifiers. So basically, I'm looking for something tube driven, it doesn't need to be anything super loud, just something warm, crisp, and if possible ... affordable! :) Recommendations for a turntable would be appreciated as well, though I was leaning toward a Technics, can't go wrong there if you ask me. Anyway, I appreciate your input and thanks!

    Oh yeah! Still don't have any speakers in mind for this little setup either, so fire away with recommendations that would compliment the amp!
  • 11-14-2008, 11:51 PM
    Mr Peabody
    What type of budget do you have? Jolida makes a hybrid integrated amp for around $500.00, this means the power and preamp sections are in one chasis, the preamp has tubes but the power section is solid state. Tube gear is not cheap and would go up from there. I believe Onkyo's stereo receiver at 100x2 has a phono stage built in but I'm not sure any more, this would be solid state but cost is about $299.00. I would also suggest looking at small NAD integrated amps, they would sound very good for not much money and although they are solid state they still have a warm sound. Up around $1k you can get into Cayin or PrimaLuna integrated tube amps and I'm sure some would either include the phono stage or you can have themadded.
  • 11-15-2008, 07:50 AM
    For the turntable, how about a nice little belt-drive model, maybe with a cartridge already installed…


    For that tube sound, how about a tube phono stage…


    With a separate tube phono stage, your amp/preamp options won’t be limited to those with a phono stage built in or those with tubes. There’s certainly the option of a NAD integrated amp, as Mr Peabody noted above. That’s one of the first options I’d consider, too.
  • 11-15-2008, 11:24 PM
    so, i just picked up this integrated amp-- I found enough reviews about it to see that its not a complete piece of crap. I've got a buddy who can clean this up and get it running pretty cheaply (think i'll just need some new tubes and clean the contacts)

    Anyway, what do you think?


    What do you fellas suggest as far as turntable or speakers to match this amp? Honestly, i'm pretty green when it comes to turntables and couldn't begin to tell the difference between the expensive and cheaper models (besides, well they LOOK higher quality). Also, its not a requirement, but it'd be slick to have a turntable that also plays 78s.