I'm pretty new to hifi and this is the first set I'm getting for myself. I love slightly warm but balanced sound. Back in my parents' I was using a set of Canton speaker with a vintage Sony ES555 amplifier. Although it sounds wierd, but I loved how balanced and detailed they sounded. Anyway, I have a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7 V2 and I'm looking forthr perfect amplifier. I was thinking of Marantz PM7005. Then I saw a Rotel RB1552 mk2. Since Rotel is used, I cannot do a sound check. Moreover, if I get the Rotel, I have to buy the preamp later. Which will cost me much more later. So my questions are:
What do you think about PM7005 and RB1552 mk2? What are the differences and does it worth it to spend more in a long run.
Considering my budget and these two amps, is there any other option I should think about?