I am trying to design an amplifier for this particular MEMS microphone(SP0103BE3)... The mic already has a non-inverting amplifier integrated with it with a gain of 10.... I have made another inverting amplifier, external to the one integrated with the MEMS mic with a gain of 100 to get a total gain of 1000 using lmv721 op-amp from TI. The problem is I have set the dc offset for the opamp such that it remains 1.1v. The mic also gives out an output of 1.1v. But when I check the output of my opamp it goes upto 3v or 0v. I need to use an inverting amplifier because I need to filter my mic signal with low pass bessel filter..... CAN ANYONE HELP ME and tell me what I have done wrong... For the purpose of analyzing my signal I need my dc offset to be fixed or stable.