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Thread: Amp ohm load

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    Amp ohm load

    I have an amp that is rated 100watts - 8 ohm.
    The menu of my amp only mention 8 ohm-16 ohm.

    Can my amp drive a 4 ohm speaker safely ?
    The amp that i have is a Marantz PM- 7200

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    The answer is probably. But not definitely. If you wish to try, start at a low volume and gradually increase to the volume you want. Watch the amp doesn't get too hot. There should be no difference in driving a 4 ohm load and driving a lower efficiency 8 ohm load for the most part.

    16 ohm? Or 6 ohm? Unusual to see an amp with a 16 ohm setting. There are few speakers rated 16 ohms.

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