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    Question amp choice.... (nad, ca, audiolab, anything eles??)

    Hi ,

    I'm about to purchase a hi-fi system and i need your help...
    the system will fit in my place in a 20 sq meters room.
    I'm listening mostly to jazz but also classic, rock and electronic music.
    I love warm sound but very detailed and balanced one - present high ends and round and tasty bottom. moderate mids.
    I must say that i'm a musician and have dynaudios in my home studio but it really isn't the same thing.
    I listened to some compact speakers and i don't find anything that can be compared to floorstands. So i guess i'll go with floorstands unless you have any sugestions.
    as for the amp i was looking at the Following ones:

    Cambridge Audio Azur 340a SE or 540a V2
    NAD 720bee
    Audiolab 8000s

    I could'nt really appriciate any of them more than another since the speaker and the room were not the same. and all of them cost around the same.
    any ideas? other options that my suit my needs?
    speakers suggestions? (i listened to David Acoustics Matisse that I found amazing...)
    cd players?


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    I know you mentioned a few products, but what is your budget? Also, are you looking to buy new or used?

    A couple of other thoughts: 20 sq. meters is not very large, so a good pair of monitors could work. Also, if you want Dynaudio-caliber floorstanders, you'll need more than an Azur 340 to get the best sound out of them. You're a musician, so I'm going to guess that an analytical setup rather than a warm one would be your preference.

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    I'm a big believer in system synergy... so while there are numerous really good entry level amps from NAD, Cambridge Audio, Marantz, Rotel etc.... each one of them can sound either fantastic or really dissapointing depending on what speakers you pair them with...

    Since you are starting from scratch... I'd suggest finding a setup you like, speakers and amp and buying that setup... rather than doing the guesswork of buying an amp in one store and pairing it with a speaker in another and hoping for the best...

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    well, i live in france so it's not exactly the same. it's more expensive so it's hard to compare. I guess i stay in the good-entry-level budet.
    20 sq meter it's not big but the sound i get from compact speakers did'nt seduce me so far. I'm not looking for dynaudio's since it will be too expensive for but i have apair of studio monitors bm5a so as far as sound quality and details i'm looking for a system that will be not far from that...
    thanks again hope it helps to help me...

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