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    An amp for B&W DM602 S1 speakers

    I picked up the aforementioned speakers a wee while ago from a friend and I finally it's time to get them working. Alas I need to buy an amp for them and being a poor student I don't have a huge budget. Boo hoo..

    Anyway, what would you audiowizards recommend in the NZD 200 -300 price range (that's about USD 100 - 200 or GBP 80 - 120)? Or is it stupid me thinking I can get something decent-ish for that?

    I've had a bit of a look at the second-hand market locally and there's not a huge amount out there. I'm willing to wait though..

    Any ideas are welcome.

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    Cool B&W 602

    Good choice on speakers; I have some B&W 602's myself and had a denon avr1400
    5 channel amp that served me well. Last week, I upgraded to a 20 year old hybrid tube amp. It was produced by Luxman, the model is Lv-103 and she sounds fine, deep bass, clear, and warm highs and large soundstage that sounds lush. I recommend trying to find one of these; I got mine on Ebay for under 200 USD.

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    You might be able to get something from Cambrige Audio, Arcam, NAD, Sugden, Rotel etc on the used market for your budget. Check the used sections of high end dealers in your area.

    Heck they had a Bryston 2B here for $275.00Cdn last time i was at my dealer and top of the line Sony ES receivers for $200.00 1/10 what they sold for 5-6 years ago. WHile I don't like the Sony's I would rather pay $200 than 2k.

    Used separate and integrated amps are pretty safe buys - few moving parts - most good ones should last 20-40 years. May need to look at the caps and the switched and control knobs and get them cleaned but other than that should be good for decades.

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