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    2 AMPS put to the test!

    Hey everyone i wanna ask a questions for all the ones who actually know!

    ok i know that for a fact that the SONY Xplods subs are not all that great!
    But my cousin is getting a good on some sony xplods not the new new ones but maybe last years model so i said yeah good....but now he wants and amp and i told him dont get a sony amp for a fact they cant push the speakers enough and wont do the jobs and requested him to get another amp besides that but he keeps thinking SONY IS GOOD and says MTX IS CHEAP and not good! well i know MTX isnt cheap and are good quality

    Ok so Which is better MTX or SONY in subs?

    Also which is better MTX AMP or SONY AMP?

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    Wrong forum, Teck. Scroll down to the Forum Jump and post the same question in the car audio forum. You'll get a lot more responses.

    Good luck.

    Oh, and JL subs rock and run, run away from the Sony amp. Look into an older PPI or Phoenix Gold.

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    I have had mtx amps and subs...
    some of their subs sound good (but not all!), but their amps seem to be for bass heads and tend to be muddy...

    x2 on the ppi amps, also, I always liked the pre 1999 fosgate amps (when they were built in the states)
    Adcom made some very nice car amps (imo) in the mid to late 1990's as well... you could run these down to 1/4 ohm per channel!!!
    audiobahn had some powerful amps a few years back (probably still do), but I never auditioned on in a quality system, only have seen these in bass head systems...

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    Your right, Sony amps blow. They may be alright if they were cheaper price, like they perform. MTX isn't that great either but definitely better than Sony. For a budget amp the Kenwood's are hard to beat. For more money, Rockford still is good for bass.

    My preferred auto amp is hands down Precision Power. It can not only slam tight clean bass but it is equally great on mids and highs.

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    I'd look at JL Audio.
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